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GE’s WattStation electric car charging app to use PayPal exclusively

GE’s long awaited WattStation electric vehicle charging stations will rely on PayPal as the exclusive payment provider, the two companies told GigaOM. PayPal will be embedded in the WattStation Connect mobile app, available now for iOS and Android, and will also soon power an RFID payment card.

In April, GE launched WattStation and WattStation Connect, its networked platform that allows users to manage and monitor the charging of their electric cars. But the company didn’t outline exactly how users will pay to charge up their electric cars. With the new partnership, GE will look to tap PayPal’s existing user base of more than 100 million users and its experience in handling online and mobile payments.

WattStation Connect app users will be able to find nearby WattStations through the app, get directions and check the availability of the station. To pay, they will scan a QR code on the machine to identify the WattStation and pull up pricing information. Then they’ll select how they want to pay, either by a flat rate or pay as you charge. Users will complete their transaction through PayPal and can begin charging.

GE is also close to releasing a WattStation RFID card that connects to a PayPal account. That will allow users to tap the card at the WattStation to initiate a transaction. If users don’t have a PayPal account, there will also be an option at the WattStation to call a GE representative to process a credit card transaction. But it doesn’t look like GE will be pushing that option to users.


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