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George Clooney selling his Tesla Roadster to support Sudan charity

It may not save the planet, but buying this electric car could do some good on the other side of it.
George Clooney is auctioning his Tesla Roadster sports car and giving the proceeds to the Satellite Sentinel Project, an organization founded by the actor/activist that uses satellite images to monitor the borders of Sudan and South Sudan in an effort to help report on possible military operations, alleged mass graves, razed villages, and forced displacement in the politically unstable region.
Clooney purchased the car in 2008, and was one of its first high-profile customers, helping to promote the startup brand. The low-slung coupe is quicker than some exotic sports cars of the day and offers a range of 244 miles per charge. The black two-seater has just 1,700 miles on the odometer according to auction house Gooding and Company, who will be offering the car at its Pebble Beach, Calif., event on August 19th


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