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GE WattStation Vindicated; Nissan Accepts Blame For Leaf Charging Problems

On July 16 we reported GE WattStation chargers were suspected in Nissan Leaf charging issues, but since that time the fault has been traced to the car, not GE’s product, which the company has been fully assertive in pointing out.

The original story that GE Energy’s charger was being looked at as a possible cause for Leaf charging system failures began to circulate among the press after an initial piece by When we wrote our brief news 12 days ago, the first commenter was GE’s Sean Gannon, Global Media Relations and Public Affairs, who was sure to document points in an effort of public relations damage control.

“GE continues to actively work with Nissan to help determine the source of this issue,” Gannon wrote on July 16. “The GE WattStation has not encountered a similar issue with other brands of electric vehicles.”

The company’s proactive communications effort was probably a smart move, and as it turns out, at the end of this week the company was fully vindicated.


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