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Everything You Need to Know About Green Cars

The use of green cars (aka clean cars) is on the rise in the United States and around the world. Going green breaks the consumer addiction to oil and will help to ebb the effects of climate issues. There are several options to choose from when choosing a green car.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle. The HEV runs on gasoline or electric power and uses gas with an internal battery as a backup. The battery will recharge when the driver is driving or braking. HEVs have very low emissions and get about 525-550 miles on a full tank of gas.

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle. PIHEVs run primarily on internal batteries that are charged with regular household power and use gasoline as a backup. These cars have very low emissions, take roughly 3-4 hours to charge at a charging station.

Electric Vehicle. EVs use an electric motor that is powered by rechargeable battery packs and take about 30 minutes to charge on a super-fast charging dock. Commercially available EVs get about 73 miles on a full charge.

Fuel Cell Electric Hybrid Vehicle. FCEHVs are powered by fuel cells and run on hydrogen by converting it to electricity. They have almost no emissions, take less than five minutes to refuel and get about 250 miles. Right now they are expensive and only produced in small numbers, but they could become more popular in the near future.

There are several pros and cons to going green when it comes to vehicles. Many of the cars are highly energy efficient and some do not rely on fossil fuels at all. Many of them get much better mileage than traditional vehicles, especially within city limits.


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