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EV-Charging Evolves with Solar Trees and Other Innovations

Envision Solar wants to turn everyday parking lots into “groves” of Solar Trees.
Supporting electric cars with the right infrastructure is not just a matter of swapping gas stations with EV-charging stations. It will require technology innovation and the creation of entirely new business models—each aimed at easy access, affordability, and real environmental benefit.

One such innovation just emerging is the Solar Tree or Autonomous Renewable Charging (ARC). Completely free of any connection to an electrical grid, power is stored locally and guaranteed to be 100-percent emission free. The available power will be more weather-dependent than a unit linked to the grid, explained Desmond Wheatley, president and CEO of Envision Solar. While he concedes there is no mechanical difference between an EV charged by solar energy or a coal-powered plant, Wheatley says he feels a tangible thrill when “driving on sunshine.”

Making The Transition

““All we’re talking about is end points,” said Wheatley, comparing the EV market to the transition from horses to internal-combustion vehicles over a century ago. The first cars encountered roads built for hooves, not skinny rubber tires, and drivers had trouble finding gas stations (fuel was often sold at hardware outlets) or repair shops. In comparison, Wheatley believes the transition to electric vehicles should be vastly easier because, as he explains, ”the electric grid is already there.”


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