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Europe: The Top Three Electric Car Cities That Will Surprise You

When it comes to electric cars, the biggest problem is how much, how far and where can I recharge. Cities around the globe have taken a leap forward into the unknown by putting in place an electric charging infrastructure in anticipation of tomorrow’s electric cars. Can you guess what are the top cities?

Europe Leads The Assault. According to the EV City Casebook, the best electric car city is Amsterdam, Netherlands. Amsterdam, with its 136 square miles city and 780,000 inhabitants, hosts a good electric car infrastructure. With an average commute of 5 miles a day, the city has around 750 electric cars and is shooting for 10,000 on the roads by 2015. Using a relatively low $11 million subsidy, $6,100 go to companies for each electric car, $12,200 per electric bus and $50,000 for every electric trucks integrated into fleets. This led to a purchase of over 200 electric vehicles, EV since 2009.

Catalan EVs. Next city is the beautiful Barcelona with 1.6 million people and 1 million registered vehicles. The city is congested with scooters and motorcycles, so it’s no surprise to see 4,500 chargers built in two years. Strangely enough it only has 400 electric cars but plans for 3,000 by 2014.


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