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Europe: Malta strategy for electric vehicles launched

A national strategy for the introduction of electric cars in Malta was launched this morning.

The strategy was spearheaded by a committee set up in June last year which consulted with stakeholders. It also carried out a survey on the public’s perception of conventional cars and attitude to alternative means of transport.

Committee chairman Peter Mifsud pointed out that electric cars had lower running costs compared to conventional cars.

While a traditional car used up 7c of fuel per kilometre, an electric car used 2.5c.

He pointed out that Malta had one of the EU’s highest growth rates in the amount of cars. And while the average age of cars in Malta was 12.7 years, in the EU it was eight years.

Electric cars did not produce emissions and were 2.5 times more efficient when compared to fuel-driven cars. Although they were cleaner, they were also more expensive to buy.

Mr Mifsud said that at least 30 per cent of respondents in the survey said that economy was the most influential factor when buying a car followed by 18 per cent who said they looked at the price.

Only eight per cent said the environmental impact was an influencing factor.


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