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Europe: Infrastructure to revolutionise electric vehicles?

A new transportation infrastructure that will revolutionise the way we use electric vehicles in the future was unveiled in Berlin at the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure World Congress.
The TEV Project is an infrastructure solution addressing the growing dependence on cars and the global shift towards electric vehicles. TEV addresses the current limitations on range experienced by drivers of electric vehicles.

The TEV (Tracked Electric Vehicle) Project has created a new transportation infrastructure consisting of an electrically powered track, where electric and hybrid cars can travel indefinitely, without the need for charging. Electric cars and fleet will drive on a pre-fabricated, dedicated track under full automatic control. This will allow passengers to travel safely in vehicles at high speeds and in turn will enable vastly greater passenger carrying capabilities, compared with traditional motorways.

Using a standardised pre-fabricated construction, TEV will greatly reduce local construction costs to deliver mass transport, across all types of terrain, anywhere in the world. It is being developed as an open-source venture, achievable now, utilising existing technologies.

Launching in Berlin today, Will Jones, founder of The TEV Project said: “TEV is a revolutionary new transportation infrastructure designed for the 21st century. It is ready to implement now using existing technologies. Using electric and hybrid vehicles, TEV will transform the way we travel. On a TEV track a journey from the New York area to Washington DC, some 190 miles, will take about 90 minutes.

Will Jones is a respected inventor, an expert in battery design and founder of Philadelphia Scientific, a world-leading provider of products and services for industrial batteries and electrical infrastructure, operating from North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific.

“TEV has huge advantages over traditional motorway construction. As they are under automatic control, vehicles reaching speeds of 120 miles per hour (200 kilometres per hour) can still safely drive close together. The TEV track is designed so you don’t stop, instead it will use a ramp to exit or join, so there will be no traffic jams.


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