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Europe: BMW Takes The Electric Vehicle Lead In Germany

Just when we thought BMW was content to have made a spectacular splash with its all electric i3 and its gorgeous plug-in hybrid i8, here comes the C Evolution electric scooter.

A few years ago, the company was toying with what it called the E scooter, an electric scooter. To put things back into perspective, this was a time when German car manufacturers were less than lukewarm about the electric car. Most said there was no future in it and instead poured billions into the eventual fuel cell technology using the difficult to make, store and keep stored hydrogen. Fast forward 3 to 4 years and BMW has proudly announced a small electric car, EV the i3 and a stunning plug-in hybrid, PHEV, the i8. It also has an electric bicycle of sorts, the BMW I Pedelec. The C Evolution brings a electric scooter into the portfolio.

Electric Scooters. It might be hard to remember but at one point, electric scooters were all the rage. Back in the prehistoric electric car time of 2008, electric scooters were seen as the beginning of the onslaught of electric vehicles. Companies such as Vetrix had an amazing electric scooter that featured regenerative braking. BMW’s C Evolution brings in a few intelligent features.


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