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Electric vehicles charging up

Brian Coleman, of the Canadian electric sector of Eaton Corporation in Sudbury, said there isn’t a big demand for electric vehicles in Sudbury, but he can see the day when electric cars can be charged at businesses and public facilities.

When that happens, Sudburians will see electric vehicle charging stations at “malls, service stations, maybe hospitals, colleges, universities – anywhere there is a public parking lot.

“Basically, you are going to have handicap parking, expectant mother parking and then you will have electric vehicle parking where you can just simply pull up and plug in your vehicle. For the price of a cup of coffee, your vehicle is charged,” Coleman said.

The electric vehicle supply equipment was showcased Tuesday to representatives from local businesses, electrical contractors, home builders and Greater Sudbury Hydro at Eaton Corporation on Kelly Lake Road.

Two electric car chargers were unveiled – the level one unit for residential use and the level two commercial unit. Coleman said the level one unit costs about $600-$800 for the charger, plus installation, while the level two unit is about $1,500, plus installation.

Eric Bertrand, manager of fleet services for the City of Greater Sudbury, said he came to the event to investigate the possibility of the city purchasing electric cars and charging units.


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