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Electric Car Opportunities

One million electric cars on the road by 2015.
This was the goal President Obama set for the United States during his State of the Union address.
It’s an aggressive goal, to say the least — and quite frankly, one I find to be a bit on the overly-optimistic side…
I’m not saying it can’t happen; certainly we have the production capacity to pull it off. And from the folks I’ve been speaking with over the past two days here at the Plug-In 2012 conference in San Antonio, it’s a goal that plenty here would be happy to help facilitate…
But will we actually see one million electric cars on our nation’s roads in less than three years?
According to Pike Research, about 410,000 plug-in electric vehicles will be sold between 2011 and 2015 in the United States, and cumulative sales won’t reach the one million mark until 2018. So it looks like we might be coming up a little short.
But to go from less than a thousand (722 total in 2010) to one million in eight years is nothing to trivialize — even if Obama does end up with a little egg on his face.
What Reagan Said…
Look, I’d love nothing more than to see a million electric cars on the road by 2015.
After all, what’s the point in having goals if we don’t set them high enough?
Truth is setting high (and sometimes overly-optimistic) goals has led this country to greatness over the years…
From the Declaration of Independence to the moon landing, no great event in our history was ever the result of complacency and defeatism.
It was President Ronald Reagan who once said: “… if we make up our mind what we are going to make of our lives, then work hard toward that goal, we never lose — somehow we win out.”
So, what are we going to make of our lives?
Are we going to continue to buy the illusion that nothing is better or more practical or more economical than the conventional internal combustion engine?
Are we going to continue to allow other countries (many of which are hostile to the United States) to dictate our growth by controlling the flow of our most important drug?
OR are we going to suspend the nonsense and the partisan puppet show, get our acts together, and do the heavy lifting so that future generations of Americans will never have to know what it’s like to have to fight immoral and illegitimate wars just to secure oil supplies?


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