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Electric car family travel 1,500 miles across Europe

A family from the Grasse region of France is testing the UK’s electric car charging network on a cross-European road trip, set to once and for all prove that long distance EV road trips are possible.
Mark Nitters, along with wife Rhona, eight year-old son Alexander and six year-old daughter Louise have started a journey of near 1,500 miles in their Nissan LEAF electric car, having travelled across France, into the Netherlands before jumping on a ferry to the UK.

Now in the UK, having docked in Newcastle, the family made use of the North East region’s strong electric charging network installed by Plugged-in Place’s Charge Your Car scheme, before they headed onto Scotland.
The family arrived in the North East region yesterday, from Amsterdam via Ferry and charged at Bournemouth Gardens, Whitley Bay while they explored the North Tyneside coast. They then made their way up to Berwick where made a lunch stop and used the quick charging station located at Haggerston Castle before continuing up to the Scotland. The ability to quick charge their LEAF meant they were able to make the journey from Newcastle to Glasgow in a day.
The Nitters family decided to buy an electric car after catching the EV bug in 2008 from a Toyota Prius (that can happen, be warned). Since then, their first fully electric car was a Citroen Saxo Electrique before they secured a LEAF company car. As the family make the cross-European journey each year to visit friends and family, they they decided that now that they have a family-sized EV, there was no reason not to complete the journey in it.


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