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EDTA Says Government Partnerships Accelerating Advanced Vehicle Technology

The Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) strongly believes electricity can be a key solution to reducing American dependence on foreign oil and improving the U.S. economy.

This it made clear Thursday, July 26 when EDTA President Brian Wynne testified during a Subcommittee hearing on Energy and Environment before the U.S. House of Representatives Science Committee.

The hearing reviewed the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Vehicle Technologies Program (VTP) and its activities.

According to the EDTA, since the U.S. imports approximately 45 percent of the oil used in the transportation sector, there is an economic imperative to move toward electricity generated at home as an alternative to oil. The CRS estimates that the U.S. will pay $451 billion for imported oil in 2012, $30 billion more than 2011.

“With electric drive technologies – hybrids, plug-in vehicles and fuel cells – electricity displaces oil and reduces its stranglehold on our national security and our economy,” Wynne said. “Electric drive is a real solution that is here now, and the industry continues to expand.”

The EDTA stated there are now currently more than 40 hybrid vehicle being sold in the U.S., and manufacturers are planning to increase available plug-in vehicles from ten this year to more than 20 – at multiple price points – over the next two years. The electric car charging market is also growing, as the DOE has documented more than 4,000 public charging stations across the country.


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