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DIY Prototype Proves Cheap Solar Air Conditioning Is Possible

I know all the reasons why air conditioning is less than environmentally-friendly. Air conditioning accounts for nearly 20 percent of total electricity consumption in U.S. homes — even though it’s not used year-round in most states. Worse than that, our inclination to refrigerate ourselves can actually make us sick, and the mold that likes to hide inside these machines loves to cause respiratory diseases and weak immune systems.

Honestly, I don’t mind the heat, and can usually survive with a fan and a cold shower. But when the temperatures hang out in the triple digits for days on end, I start to have air conditioning-based fantasies. If only there were a way to achieve the rapid, whole house cooling of an air conditioner without all the negative side-effects. Well, according to a new DIY project making waves over at Instructables, the fantasy may soon become reality.


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