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China: Beijing aiming 40,000 civilian electric cars by 2015

As a strategic emerging industry of the “12th Five-year Plan”, the new-energy vehicle industry plays a crucial part in propelling the transformation and upgrading, increasing the competitiveness, and promoting energy saving and emission reduction of the auto industry. For Beijing, new-energy car not only can reduce emission of carbon dioxide and cut down PM2.5, but is also of great significance in improving the overall competitiveness of Beijing’s auto industry.

On April 19, Beijing hosted China’s largest delivery of all-electricity taxi demonstration run. This symbolized that the development of Beijing’s new-energy vehicle industry has turned over a new page. From now on, 700 units of electric taxis will be gradually put into operation in seven districts and counties in Beijing, including Yanqing, Fangshan, Miyun, Pinggu, Daxing, Changping, and Huairou. When it is completed, there will be 750 units of electric taxies running in Beijing, making Beijing the electric taxi demonstrative operation area with the largest quantity of electric taxies in China.

According to people from Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission (BMSTC), so far a total of about 1,700 units of new-energy vehicles have been put into operation in such areas as public transportation, environmental sanitation and taxi. In the next step, BMSTC will take the lead to continue the demonstrative operation efforts and achieve the demonstration operation target of 5,000 units of all-electricity vehicles in public areas by the end of this year.


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