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Chevy Volts are Driven in Electric Mode 2/3 of the Time

Chevy Volts have driven a total of 100 million miles, and, as anticipated, have provided some important statistical information already.

Chevy Volt. (Photo Credit: DrivingtheNortheast, CC BY 2.0 license)
The Chevy Volt is one of the two earliest electric cars that were produced for average consumers, and it, along with the Nissan Leaf, are going to enable General Motors and Nissan to gather information on the vehicles’ shortcomings and strengths, make improvements, and hence pave the way for improved electric vehicles in general.
Most, if not all, prospective electric vehicle manufacturers will eventually learn from the Volt’s failures and successes.
Some of the statistical information released so far is that Chevy Volts in use over the past year or so have been driven in electric mode 2/3 of the time, meaning that they didn’t burn gas 2/3 of the time, but used electricity instead.
Some electricity does come from coal power plants, but that is less than half of US electricity these days (actually, less than 40%). The rest comes from nuclear, natural gas, geothermal, and other power plants that produce less CO2 and other toxic air pollution than gasoline-powered vehicles normally would.
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