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CHAdeMO Connector Interface Technical Diagram

The CHAdeMO quick charger design has a controller that receives EV commands via a CAN bus, and the quick charger sets the current to meet the EV’s command value. Via this mechanism, optimal and fast charging becomes possible in response to battery performance and the usage environment.

 - Maximum current: 200A
 - UL/CE certified.
 - Getting feedback from field use, the design is improving.
 - Detail dimension of interface geometry is open to public, then any
  maker can fabricate compatible connector.

 The CHAdeMO quick charger uses an analog signal transmission and a digital
 communicationvia CAN.
 This diverse and redundant design ensures its safe operation.

 In the design of the DC connector, in addition to having enough safety
 margin such as an insulation distance, between the power pins, four analog signal pins,
 two CAN digital signal pins and one ground pin which are implemented so that
 the control signals can be transferred properly between the vehicle and the charger.



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