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Asia: Electric Odyssey Citroen C-Zero happily cruising through Asia

On 9 July, Antonin Guy and Xavier Degon arrived in China at the wheel of their all-electric CITROËN C-ZERO. Greeted by CITROËN staff on 18 July in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan, they were also welcomed by personalities and representatives from a range of media. An opportunity for the crew to share their experience and, for CITROËN, to draw attention to the many environmentally- respectful technologies developed by the Marque.

Antonin Guy and Xavier Degon are now in Asia with their CITROËN C-ZERO, an all-electric city car, on the latest leg of a round-the-world tour that started on 12 February last in Strasbourg. Since June, they have travelled the roads of Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. On 9 July, the two adventurers of modern times arrived in China on the silk road. A nod to history, eighty years after the Croisière Jaune expedition organised by André Citroën

Arriving via Yunnan province, they discovered a mountainous region, where they drove the CITROËN C-ZERO through mountain passes at an altitude of almost 3,000 metres. A first on their long journey!

On 18 July, Antonin and Xavier were greeted by a delegation of CITROËN staff at a dealership in Chengdu – capital of Sichuan – with their CITROËN C-ZERO, a car whose technology respects the environment. They were also welcomed by personalities such as Jinhua Zhang, vice secretary general of the Society of Automotive Engineers of China, and around fifty media representatives. A great opportunity for discussion!

For CITROËN, this event was an opportunity to draw attention to its environmental strategy and the various solutions implemented by the Marque worldwide. For example: continuous improvements to combustion engines, the development of new hybrid-linked technologies, and all-electric vehicles. Many people took the opportunity to test drive the CITROËN C-ZERO.
On 18 July, the crew set out once again for Gansu province, between the Mongolian plateau to the north and the foothills of the Tibetan plateau to the south. A chance to discover new surroundings before travelling on to Kazakhstan on 10 August.

“If we can drive round the world in an electric car, you can use it for most of your day-to-day journeys.”

This is the fundamental belief of Xavier Degon and Antonin Guy, the crew of the Electric Odyssey. On board their CITROËN C-ZERO, the two adventurers set out from Strasbourg on 11 February last for the first round-the-world tour in an electric production car. Their 25,000 km journey is set to last eight months and to take in 17 countries, for a total cost of just €250 in electricity!

Their adventure addresses today’s environmental challenges. Its objective is to promote the image of electric cars with the general public and to reassure them concerning its use (range, safety, charging, etc.). To succeed in their challenge, the team needs to find people willing to lend them an electric socket every day and in each of the countries they cross. These many charging operations provide hundreds of opportunities to meet local people as they travel.
Eighty years after the half-track vehicles of the Croisière Jaune expedition organised by André Citroën arrived in Peking, the brand is proud to support Antonin Guy and Xavier Degon in this latest technological and human adventure!

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