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Aquentium Enters Li-Ion Battery Storage Industry

Monday, July 09, 2012: PERRIS, USA: Aquentium Inc. announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, New American Energy Inc., is entering the lithium ion battery/energy storage industry. Aquentium and New American Energy will now be able to provide proven energy storage and management solutions utilizing patented technology.
New American Energy is offering an intelligent, integrated, and interactive way to store and distribute energy that is affordable, efficient, and effective for emergency and uninterrupted power generation, smart demand response management solutions, and utility grid integrated power distribution and generation systems for all industry needs worldwide.
Tomas Alvarez, VP of Global Marketing, New American Energy, said: “Whether you are hooked up to the grid and seeking an efficient energy storage solution, producing alternative energy, looking for the most intelligent energy management system, and/or need to find the most affordable backup power supply on the market today, Aquentium and New American Energy can provide a proven integrated solution that is Green, Affordable, Efficient, and Sustainable.”
The market is growing exponentially and the demand for cost-efficient energy storage systems and solutions is recognized amongst experts, in the “Energy and Utility” sectors, as being the greatest barrier to affordable alternative renewable energy generation. New American Energy has the ability to manage and control the storage and distribution of energy, in real time, greatly influencing the costs and availability of energy.
The evolution of proven energy storage solutions is making a tremendous impact economically, in terms of supply and demand energy costs. Now the supply of energy can be stored effectively and efficiently and released based upon demand and cost-effectiveness, allowing for additional cost savings and/or revenue generation that were not previously available to end users.


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