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An Early Autumn For A Nissan Leaf Owner In Texas

Imagine you are an environmentally conscious and technologically savvy early adopter of the Nissan Leaf who researched everything you could about the all-electric car since pre-production test mules were being talked about in 2006.

You bought one in good faith, knowing it was EPA-rated at 73 miles range – not a lot, but enough – and Nissan had assured you that the car was engineered to retain no less than 80 percent capacity in five years and 70 percent in 10.

Now imagine you have real reason to doubt whether the car you bought a year ago will have much more than 40-50 miles usable battery range by this winter – little more than your wife’s Chevrolet Volt gets before its gasoline generator kicks in.

This is unfortunately not a fictitious story. It is the actual account of Nathan Drozd, 32, a transportation planner in the Dallas-Fort Worth area who, on his car’s one-year anniversary June 17, lost his first “bar” (out of 12 total) from his charge meter with 20,206 miles on the odometer. This means he has around 85-percent charge holding capacity, which based on Nissan’s statements, he did not expect before a few years or so.


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