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Aerographite, Lightest Material Ever Made, Called ‘Holy Grail’ of Battery Tech

The world’s lightest material has been created by German scientists at the University of Kiel. Aerographite is six times lighter than air and 75 times lighter than Styrofoam, weighing two-thousandths of a gram per cubic centimeter. Aerographite weighs four times less than the previous world-record holder. The speculation on the uses for aerographite, however, has been heavy indeed. There are three potential uses being touted so far for aerographite: batteries, wearable computing and filtration.

Lithium batteries would lose mass and gain conductivity from using aerographite, which can be compressed to a 30th of its original size without damaging the original structure or conductivity. Larger industrial batteries, such as car batteries, could improve their energy efficiency as the use of aerographite will reduce their weight.

“Our first experiments with lithium ion batteries show we have been able to send quite high currents through this material,” said Dr. Rainer Adelung. “This is the Holy Grail that everyone is looking for: a microbattery.”


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