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Japan: 250 Nissan Leafs to Be Used for Free in Osaka, Japan [Video]

Osaka is Japan’s second largest industrial and manufacturing center, after Tokyo, and it is home to as many as 8.8 million people. However, new and stricter emissions regulations for the area will require a 15% drop in total emissions, and have prompted local authorities to search for a solution, which they have found in the form of the Nissan Leaf, and its ability to power a house as well as offer zero emission motoring.

Nissan will be offering 250 Leafs which will be used free of charge, for both public and private use. Of the 250, 50 will be used by the city council, with the rest ending up in the hands motorists willing and able to accommodate the Leaf into their life. Furthermore, since last year’s tsunami and earthquake situations have shaken up Japan’s electric grid, and now, blackouts are a common occurrence in area, so the Leaf could help in that respect, as well.


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