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2017 Nissan Leaf: Will It Cost The Same As A 2012 Golf?

As battery technology improves, the cost of producing battery packs drops, and the number of electric cars on the road increases, it’s pretty reasonable to expect the sticker price of electric cars to drop in the coming years.

But how much will they drop by, and how quickly?

How much, for example, will a Nissan Leaf (or its successor) cost to buy in 2017?

The target price, according to Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn (via Plugin cars), is the same as that of a Volkswagen Golf today.


While the 2012 Golf R retails from $33,990 — a few thousand dollars cheaper than the current 2012 Nissan Leaf — Nissan’s target price is nearer to Volkswagen’s regular Golf models, which start at just under $18,000.


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