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1-Hour Interview With Elon Musk: Tesla, SolarCity, Electric Planes, ‘Fool Cells”, and Lots More..

Portrait of a Serial Entrepreneur Who Thinks Big
Sarah Lacy of PandoDaily, a site that covers the startup world in Silicon Valley, sat down for 1 hour with hyperkinetic entrepreneur Elon Musk. They covered a lot of ground in the interview, and I think that a lot of it will be of interest to TreeHugger readers. Maybe not everything – after all, PandoDaily’s focus isn’t the environment – but Elon Musk is pretty funny and such a character (Tony Stark in Jon Favreau’s Iron Man film was partly based on him) that things stay entertaining. It’s also refreshing to see an entrepreneur who isn’t just thinking about building another social media app, but rather is tackling big problems that few others are attacking well.
Some of the things covered are: What Tesla Motors’ mission is, SolarCity (mentioning again the imminent IPO), Musk’s idea for an electric plane that would be much more efficient than the current generation of planes, why hydrogen fuel cells won’t make it in cars, the “hyperloop” 5th mode of transportation (!?), SpaceX and retiring on Mars, why Fisker Automotive is failing (according to Musk), how tough things got for his companies in 2008, and much more.


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