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Wireless electric car charging demo on Chevy Volt could enable 24/7 electric trucks

Momentum Dynamics is demonstrating a wireless electric car charging solution, on a modified Chevy Volt, and promises a higher powered system that could allow vehicles like airport shuttle buses to run 24/7 while never stopping to recharge.

What if an electric truck, like airport shuttle buses, could run 24/7 by charging a bit every time they stop? According to Momentum Dynamics, developer of a wireless electric car charging system, the company’s charging system could mean an all electric airport shuttle bus that can run 24 hours a day, without requiring a long recharging stop, instead staying on the road the whole day picking up and dropping off passengers. To demonstrate the system, the company has outfitted a Chevy Volt with their wireless charging system, to demonstrate wireless charging in operation at this weeks Commercial Vehicle Megatrends USA 2012 conference in Dearborn, MI.

The system works via “closely‐coupled magnetic resonance.” That means there are two wire coils, one coil is embedded in a pad on the ground, and the other is located in the car or truck. Electricity is transmitted from one coil to the other, with no wired connection. The two coils are tuned to a specific frequency for optimum energy transfer. To start charging a vehicle equipped with the technology, one simply parks on top of a charging pad, and the Momentum Dynamics system immediately starts a charging session, with no need to plug in to a charging cable.


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