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WAVE 2012 News Update June 2012

Here’s the latest update from Solar Taxi driver Louis Palmer who has been the guest speaker at our EAASV meetings twice in the past.
His latest event called WAVE is focused in Europe (Louis is Swiss), however it should get world-wide attention.
See his email for more info.
Links to his previous event sites are at the bottom.




Dear friends of the WAVE,

The preparations of the WAVE ‘s are going full steam ahead. Please find the newest update:

The route

is almost finalised. The main characteristics of the route are:

– The WAVE is being planned between Genoa (Italy) and Oxford (UK). Oxford is a great place to stop the event, as it is the world’s capital of electric cars. Nowhere else in the world there are so many charging stations per capita. The WAVE is going to reach the final destination in the evening of SAT 22. September, so that all participants have enough time to take the ferry and drive home on Sunday.

– The route will lead via Torino, Milano, Mendrisio, Buchs, Zürich (Schlieren and Urdorf), Zug (Steinhausen), Sustenpass, Interlaken, Berne, Basel, Strasbourg, Mannheim, Darmstadt, Marburg, Paderborn, Osnabrück, Amsterdam and London. The complete route is more than 2600 km, according to Google Maps. This is 12 % shorter than last year’s route. Changes, however, are still possible.

– – We are going to cross the Swiss Alps two times. First we drive over the San Bernardino Pass (1000 m ASL). And then we will take one of the most spectacular mountain passes, the Sustenpass, which has an elevation of 2000 meters ASL. While driving, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the glaciers. Our route will also lead through the less known, wild Jura mountains in Switzerland, also reaching an elevation of over 1000 m ASL. A great challenge for our machines!

The hosts

this year are, for example, Siemens, Renault, William Tell, different universities and cities, and also one privately owned castle on the shores of Lake of Zug. The last details are now being finalized. You can see a draft route plan on the website:

The teams

are going to be sportscars as well as three-wheelers, mini-busses as well as fully enclosed motorbikes, prototypes as well as serial models. We are going to present a great variety of electric mobility. If you know any team that could be interested to participate, with a car or a motorbike, please let me know! So far I am in contact with more than 40 teams. My aim is to see 20 – 25 vehicles at the start, like last year.

We have now started to contact media partners. Also there is a high chance that one of Germany’s main tv broadcasting stations will send a team during 10 – 14 days to produce a documentary film.

Support Team
I am very happy to announce that André Laukner is going to assemble another electric VW Bus for this year’s WAVE, to support us with his roadside assistance team again.

The E-Bike WAVE
has so far more than 110 participants. The bikers are going to start in the Paul-Löbe-Allee between Reichstag and the Swiss Embassy, on SAT 23. June between 07:30 and 08:30. All cities are well prepared to welcome the cyclists. One month ago, I drove the whole route with an Opel Ampera, which was arranged by Luc Perraudin, who helps me to set up the events. I met the city majors and local sponsors. If you are interested to join, let me know, I still have a few pedelecs/e-bikes left that can be used.

Tour de Suisse

Starting this coming Saturday, I am going to take part in the Tour de Suisse, the world’s fourth largest bicycle race. Not by bike, and not by e-bike, but by a Tesla, as an Embassador for Lucerne Tourism, to promote the electric bicycle routes in the hinterland. Between the 9th and the 17th of June I will be out of office, but still quite easy to reach by email or by cell phone.

Have a great summer time!

Cordialement, best wishes, sonnige Grüsse

Louis Palmer
Source EAASV


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