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USA: Working On Full Charge

We all know the routine.

You buy the battery pack of 150 thinking you’ll never need another battery ever again! Then three months later you’re cursing the universe because your XBOX 360 remote needs two batteries and the only one you’ve managed to find is a suspicious-looking, partially gnawed AA you found under the couch.

And let us not even get into the arduous process of actually having to dispose of them.

And sure, you could make the argument that rechargeable batteries are the more responsible way to go, but I find that I have trust issues when it comes to those things. The more they get used, the less useful they seem to be.

Ah, but fear not, battery-users! Scientists from the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) are working to improve the life and power of batteries. How are they doing that? It all comes down to the science of energy.

ARL researchers have developed a substance that increases the life of a battery by 30% without increasing the weight. The new technology deals with the electrolyte part of lithium-ion batteries. By modifying the liquid electrolytes, the battery is able to tolerate higher voltages.

So why are they doing this? Well, the Army wants to increase the cell voltage of lithium ion batteries, but still maintain their reliability. Get the best of both worlds, so to speak. Sounds too good to be true?


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