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USA: Why Tesla Will Spark an Electric-Car Revolution

The following video is part of our “Motley Fool Conversations” series, in which industrials editors/analysts Isaac Pino and Brendan Byrnes discuss topics around the investing world.

On June 22, Tesla is set to launch the Model S sedan. Investors, car enthusiasts, and car-industry veterans alike are wondering whether Tesla CEO Elon Musk can deliver on his ambitious plans to transform the electric-vehicle market. In Isaac’s opinion, the launch will have huge implications in the car industry overall. Today, consumers are gravitating to more fuel-efficient vehicles to avoid high gas prices, they’re choosing to drive shorter distances on a daily basis, and they’re interested in products that push the envelope in technological innovation. Tesla seems poised to deliver on all of these accounts — could now be the time to buy shares?
One reason Tesla has caught the eye of many American is that the Model S will be fully designed, developed, and produced here in America. New technological advancements in manufacturing are enabling companies to bring products to market right here at home. If you haven’t heard of the companies behind this manufacturing game-changer, read our special free report, “The Future Is Made in America.” Some of the savviest technology executives have recognized the incredible potential in this field. To learn more, download our free report for a limited time.


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