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USA: What has Plugless Power been up to?

So, what’s been happening with Evatran recently?

Many of you have been asking “What’s new with Evatran?” Well, here’s your chance to find out what’s happening with us and the EV market in June 2012!

Many of our followers, investors, and business partners have been asking “What’s new with Evatran?” Since we have an aggressive roll-out schedule and sales ramp-up plan for the rest of 2012 and into 2013, we’ve decided we need to provide more consistent updates. To that end, we’ll be providing monthly updates in the form of these emails with recent Evatran news. We’ll try to keep it short and sweet in hopes of avoiding your DELETE button.
Apollo Launch Program

As many of you know, we launched our prototype trial program (named the Apollo Launch Program) back in February with the Governor of Virginia. Since that time our engineering team has been feverishly working to get trial systems out to our partners Google, Hertz, Clemson University, Duke Energy, and the State of Virginia. We have installed the first of these units in the field, and based on early feedback, we are in the process of updating the remaining units with these findings. Over the next few weeks we will be installing the remaining units across the country. We appreciate the continuing support of our partners as we develop a wireless charging system that meets the demands of the market. In parallel, our sales and business development team is in the process of signing on additional commercial partners for the second phase of this important Program later this year.
DOE Grant for Wireless Charging

At the end of April, the Department of Energy opened up a $12M funding opportunity specifically for wireless electric vehicle charging technology. We were visited by the DOE back in 2011 in preparation for a potential grant opportunity, and we’re excited to see the funding finally available. The grant encourages a wireless charging technology provider (like Evatran) to partner with a major automotive manufacturer to develop wireless charging for production electric vehicle models by 2014. Applications were due by May 31. With some late nights from our team members and support from our Application partners, Evatran successfully submitted a very strong proposal for this grant. We should receive feedback on our Application by the end of July 2012. The support of this technology by the Federal Government, along with the continuing market demand for electric vehicles evidenced by the over 3,500 Electric Vehicles sold in May 2012 (Leaf, Volt, Plug-In Prius included), leads us to remain confident in the market opportunity for Evatran.
Individual Investor Progress

As many of you read last month, because of the passage of the JOBS Act, Evatran has been able to expand its efforts in private fund raising. The Act has loosened some of the strict requirements on soliciting private investment and allowed us to invite new investors to get involved in this exciting market. We have received a number of inquiries already and encourage you to contact us for further information on investment.
New Evatran Team Hires

We have made a few hires over the past few months including Brian Normann, as Evatran’s Chief Technology Officer, and Thomas Stout, as Evatran’s lead Software Engineer. These are two key hires for Evatran and will enable us to successfully finalize the production design of our aftermarket product line. Additionally, Tommy Powell, a recent graduate of North Carolina State University, has joined us for a Summer Internship. Welcome to our new team members!
Please let us know if you have questions for next month’s email update and also remember that we post daily news on our social media pages (see links below).
As always, thank you for your support and CHARGE ON!


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