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USA: Tesla unveils details of Model S high power and flexible charging system

Because of its large battery, the Tesla Model S requires higher speed charging than other electric cars, and it turns out to have the most flexible charging interface of any electric car.

Tesla Motors’ newest all electric car, the Tesla Model S, has a most interesting charging port that sets it apart from other electric cars. The proprietary design allows for 10 kilowatt, 20 kilowatt and even 90 kilowatt charge rates, through a slim and sleek charging connector, while most automakers struggle to support a 6.6 kilowatt charging rate. And then there’s last weeks story about the integration of solar panels with the 90 kilowatt Supercharger stations which Elon Musk hinted last week would demonstrate “sustainable power generation, and sustainable power consumption”. This week Tesla unveiled a new page on its web site demonstrating the various methods of charging the Model S.

The Tesla Model S, due to start delivery in about two weeks, with the Founder series cars delivered a couple weeks ago. It is an all electric car, designed from the ground up by Tesla Motors engineers. It supports a driving range of up to 300 miles (or more depending on driving habits), top speed well over 100 miles per hour, and 0-60 times of 5.6 seconds (or 4.4 seconds on the Performance model). The level of performance and revolutionary technology in the Model S comes largely because of the large, 85 kilowatt-hour, battery pack on-board the top end models. Such a large battery pack requires a high power charging system to have a reasonably fast recharge time


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