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USA: SolidEnergy Looks to Reinvent the Battery

At MIT, professor Donald Sadoway is known for taking an innovative approach to battery design. Yet, when Qichao Hu started working under his wing, little did he know he’d be taking an innovative approach to battery design, as well.

In Sadoway’s laboratory, Hu started working on his PhD research. What he soon realized, however, was that he had developed a “cool technology.” A technology so cool it shouldn’t be restricted to scholarly papers and academic conferences. And so he enrolled in Bill Aulet’s “Energy Ventures” class, where he met Louis Beryl, Michael Hagerty, and Vishwas Dindore. It was there he realized he could start SolidEnergy.

“SolidEnergy was born in that Energy Ventures class,” Hu says. “If we didn’t have that class, we’d have the technology, but there wouldn’t be a company.”

In Aulet’s class, the team determined their target market — oil and gas drilling — and began engaging with customers. “The more we did that, the more we realized the battery could be revolutionary for this application,” Hu admits.


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