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USA: Schenectady considering charging stations for electric cars

NEW YORK — It’s a buzz that’s spreading throughout New York State.

Under a program through NYSERDA and the U.S. Department of Energy, the state has awarded $4.4 million to ten different entities to create more than 300 new electric vehicle charging stations. Currently in the Capital Region, there are only about ten, according to a NYSERDA spokesperson. With a growing supply for what seems to be a growing market, one local government wants in.

Monday night, the Schenectady City Council voted to apply for state funding for such stations in conjunction with Schenectady County, Schenectady County Community College and Metroplex.

“Right now you don’t have a lot of electric vehicles in use, but again as more and more people buy them, it’ll add a convenience and a cache for our community to be able to say we have these charging stations available in Schenectady,” said Mayor Gary McCarthy.

He believes it would be an even greater boost, since he hopes the city will eventually switch its fleet from gas to battery.

However, some are more cautious.

Resident Tony Buonome said, “If the city buys these cars, if they buy the cars, how long are they going to expect to keep these cars? Is it going to be worth to keep them money or are they gonna lose money in the long-run?


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