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USA: [San Francisco BayLEAFs] I had my 15,000 mile battery check and the…

Gary Lieber 2:54pm Jun 1
I had my 15,000 mile battery check and the maintenance done today. The battery checked out at 5 stars. The maintenance that was done included rotating the tires, and replacing the cabin filter. Total cost of the battery check and maintenance (excluding dropping it off, and picking it up at Premier Nissan) was one hour of my time to rotate the tires, and replace the cabin filter, plus $10 for the filter.

The LEAF continues to be the most economical car to own and operate that I have ever owned. I don’t baby the car, it has gotten 100% charges since new, and I drive it at freeway and faster speeds, yet it only uses about $.025/mile of electricity. The tires are wearing well, all with about 8/32 of tread left.

I did have one warranty item that had to be replaced. One of the clips that hold on the little cargo net in the rear hatch broke!

So in my opinion, this is one rugged well-designed piece of machinery.
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