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USA: [San Francisco BayLEAFs] I did an analysis of the total cost per mile of…

Bill Kelly 6:02am Jun 2
I did an analysis of the total cost per mile of my three cars, a 2005 prius (with 110K miles) , a 2002 Acura MDX (with 97K miles), and my new leaf. Using the original purchase price, and adding up all my service and repair costs, and estimating the cost of gasoline at today’s prices ($4.50 a gallon) using each cars average MPG. For the Leaf I analyzed what it would cost to own (subtracting the tax credit and 2500 calarb rebate) for ten years or about 100K miles, and I projected service costs of $3K for the 10 years. I used my current electricity costs (.18 a KW). Results? 72.5 cents a mile for the Acura MDX, 50.1 cents per mile for the Prius and projecting 36.3 cents per mile for the Leaf.

The costs of the Leaf are extraordinarily front loaded (most of the costs are in the purchase, less in service and fuel); this is unexpected for the average car buyer and Nissan has done a crappy job explaining this!
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