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USA: Possible investigation into Chicago electric car charging project

A plan to build electric charging stations in the city of Chicago using public funds is on hold while the company in charge faces a possible investigation.

350Green signed a deal with Chicago last year to build 280 electric charging stations throughout the city. Besides $1.9 million in taxpayer money, the deal called for 350Green to provide another $6 million in private funds to complete the project. One hundred sixty-eight stations are up and running; the rest are waiting to be finished. Some locations are partially complete but have been sitting idle for more than two months.
The company, according to several sources, owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to a handful of contractors who’ve done work but haven’t been paid.
Brian Haug is with Continental Electric Construction Company in Chicago. Haug said his company has been installing chargers for 350Green since last summer. “At first they were good, but recently they’ve been long on their payments,” he said.
Haug says Continental and other companies stopped doing work for 350Green in April. Haug declined to say how much his company is owed but says it’s thousands of dollars. He said “it’s a concern” whether or not they’ll ever get paid.
The city of Chicago used state and federal money to fund the deal with 350Green. Eighty percent of that money has been paid to the company. The city has halted payments to 350Green and is concerned that the company may have violated the law.


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