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USA: Please Help – $50 to bring National Plug In Day to 50 Cities

The second annual National Plug In Day is on Sunday, September 23, 2012 and we are throwing a party to celebrate the plug-in electric vehicles now available nationwide. With simultaneous events in 25 cities, last year’s National Plug In Day was the country’s largest grassroots EV event in history. With your help, this year can be bigger.

We need your help!

Donating $50 or more now will help us support National Plug In Day 2012 events in at least 50 cities. These events ensure that people who know nothing about EVs will get to see them, for the first time, in action, and get to know plug-ins from people who have been driving them for years.

Help us grow the movement!

Plug In America, Sierra Club, and the Electric Auto Association are the national team providing support for local events. We are also pleased to partner with the many other organizations and individuals that are working to bring National Plug In Day to their communities. Each celebration will be led by local plug-in drivers and will include some combination of award ceremonies, EV parades, ride-and-drives, electric tailgate parties, press conferences, informational booths, and more.

Our goal this year is to share the EV smile with thousands of potential new drivers. We’re stressing what Plug In America supporters already know – these new vehicles are simply better.
Plug-ins make driving far more convenient. Gas stations, oil changes, emissions inspections? No more! We charge while we sleep and our “tanks” are always full in the morning.
Our cars are cheaper. Yes, cheaper. Imagine paying the equivalent of 75-cents per gallon for gas and almost nothing for maintenance, repair. We can, because we do.
These cars are more fun to drive. My plug-in gets me everywhere I want to go and is more fun in the process (I can accelerate like a rocket, too).
We’ve cleaned up our act at home. Reducing gasoline use means a cleaner tailpipe. Now, instead of exposing our kids, family, and community to a dirty gas guzzler, we ride clean.
We’re helping end oil. Plug in drivers are free from an oil economy that has caused wars and horrible pain both here and abroad. Each year in the US we burn roughly 121 billion gallons of oil in our passenger cars and trucks. We spend over $1B A DAY on imported oil. Enough.
These new cars are poised to change America. At least 20 states are right now helping provide products for cars that run on American fuel. Momentum is growing – more than 3 times the number of plug-in electric vehicles have been sold than new hybrid cars at the same point after their introduction. Why? Because plug-ins are better!

Come celebrate with us on Sept. 23, and please donate now to help us spread the word on why EV drivers can’t stop smiling!
Chad Schwitters
Source Plug-in America


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