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USA; GoE3 Brings EV Charging Coast to Coast

From left: GoE3 Chief Operations Officer James M. Dowdy, Founder and CEO Bruce Brimacombe, Maxx Patterson, director of research, and Robert P. Boisvert, director of sales, celebrate the opening of the company’s first charging station at Biosphere 2 in Tuscon, Ariz. Photo: GoE3

If you’ve ever considered buying an electric vehicle, the inevitable question likely came to mind: Will I get stuck?

Fears of becoming stranded with no charging station in sight and – gasp! – not a single bar of cell phone service lead many auto shoppers to shy away from EVs. But that’s all about to change – at least if Arizona entrepreneur Bruce Brimacombe has anything to say about it.

Through his latest business venture, GoE3, Brimacombe plans to ensure that no EV driver ever gets stranded again. How? The Scottsdale, Ariz-based startup recently announced the launch of a coast-to-coast network of charging stations, which will allow electric interstate travel between East and West Coast cities in less than 36 months.

You may be thinking, “But that’s not possible!” And you’re certainly not alone. The idea of a network that allows EV owners to travel from state to state, charging up at their leisure along the way, has long been dismissed as a pipe dream. But, not to be dissuaded by skeptics, GoE3 is defying the stereotype with plans for as many as 1,000 charging stations spanning the entire country before 2015, Brimacombe told Earth911.

To get the message out there, the GoE3 team is shooting a documentary film and a reality television show about establishing “The Electric Highway” and changing real Americans’ minds about EVs.


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