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USA: From Baja to BC In a Nissan Leaf EV

Tony Williams is embarking on a journey up North America’s west coast with nothing but a Nissan Leaf and a map of EV charging stations.

Williams, who runs the enthusiast website, is departing today from Tijuana, Mexico and heading up the coast to San Diego. With eight overnight stops in California, Oregon and Washington planned for recharging and rest, Williams expects to be in Vancouver, BC by the 20th.

The purpose of his trip, like so many other similar stunts, is to prove that it’s possible to go on a long trip without an internal combustion engine. He’s aware of the EV-naysayers’ arguments, but hopes he can show off what his Leaf can do given an adequate charging infrastructure. “The mainstream audience hopefully will take away that this is a good around town and commuting car that is also quite capable for longer trips, if given enough time,” he said.

Like most alt-fuel odysseys, Williams will be acting as an EV ambassador along the route. This past Saturday, he shared his plans at a meeting of San Diego-area Leaf owners. On June 16th, he’ll be speaking at the Electric Automobile Association’s meeting at the Hewlett-Packard complex in Cupertino, California.


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