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USA: First Tesla Model S delivered to Board Member Steve Jurvetson

As if it’s proof that it pays to be an insider with privileged access, Tesla Motors has begun delivering Founder Series Model S electric sedans. Model S #001 was delivered yesterday to venture capitalist and Tesla board member Steve Jurvetson, according to a video released on YouTube by Jurvetson, as well as a tweet captured by a writer for Business Insider.

The video shows a large ceremony at Tesla’s HQ in Palo Alto, with a few hundred people cheering the delivery of the first Tesla Model S. It begins with JB Straubl handing the keys to Jurvetson, who starts to get into the car and drive away, until a speech is demanded from him. After the speech he does get in, and drives away, through a very large crowd of cheering Tesla employees.

During the speech Jurvetson talked about how everyone at Tesla have been waiting for this day, the first deliveries of the Model S, for a very long time. He described the car as “stunningly beautiful, georgously engineered” and that it’s the future, that we’ll all look back 10-20 years from now and realize this was the future, that all cars were to be electric. Jurvetson himself is looking forward to next year when every car in his personal fleet will be electric cars, made by Tesla, and he will never have to buy gasoline ever again.


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