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USA: Elon Musk: Tesla Model S Is About ‘Breaking A Spell’

Last November Elon Musk promised he’d deliver his first Tesla Model S sedan by the end of July.

He beat his estimate by a month. Today eight people received keys to their new cars in a delivery ceremony headlined by California Governor Jerry Brown.

“I love it when people spend their money and make great stuff,” Brown roared to a boisterous crowd that had gathered at the Tesla factory in Fremont, Calif., to watch the exchange.

Musk said the car is about “breaking a spell.”

“The world has been under this illusion that electric cars cannot be as good as gasoline cars, that if you have to go with an electric car you’re accepting the car is worse,” he told the group. “What the Model S is about is breaking that illusion. It’s about showing that an electric car can be the best car in the world.”

The Tesla Model S Will Be Like An iPad, Faster Than An Aston Martin

Musk says cars should work as seamlessly—and require about as much maintenance—as an iPad. Plenty of people believe him. Tesla has sold out of all 5,000 Model S units planned for next year, with a waiting list 10,000 people deep (it costs $5,000 to reserve one). Most of the initial buyers are Californians, with an even split between men and women. Only 10 percent already own Tesla’s $109,000 Roadster.

“We believe customers will discover that this is the best car in every dimension – performance, safety, handling, the technology, the interface, styling, aesthetics,” Musk said. “It’s something that is fundamentally better.”


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