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USA: City charged up over electric vehicle chargers

Shelbyville will be able to provide juice to the newest form of transportation some time in the future.
Electric vehicle charging systems are set to be installed at two locations — one at the Shelbyville airport, and the other at city hall.

The best part of the deal is that the systems will not cost the city a single penny.

However, no installation date has been provided to city officials by the firm that will do the work, Broadway Electric Service Corporation (BESCO) of Knoxville.

Signing off

In 2010, the city council agreed to sign a letter of intent with ECOtality North America to participate in the EV Project, which has been touted as “the largest deployment of electric vehicles and charge infrastructure in history.”

The non-binding letter was considered “an expression of intent” to participate in the EV Project as a charging site host, but was not a formal agreement.

Last November, council members signed off on a municipal license agreement to bring the charging stations to Shelbyville.

According to an e-mail to city officials from area sales manager Jeremy Covert of ECOtality in Nashville, as soon as the Notice to Proceed documents are signed, the chargers can be scheduled for installation.

Local locations

At the airport, the EV charger will be mounted on the existing sidewalk next to a utility pole on the right side of the terminal.

For the city hall location, the system is to be placed in the parking lot near the entrance to the codes department.


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