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USA: Charge at large In Ashland, Oregon

Pacific Electrical contractor Mike Casper installs an electric vehicle charging station near downtown Ashland Wednesday. Mail Tribune / Jamie Lusch

Two additional electric vehicle charging stations likely ready next week

Electric vehicle owners in Ashland could be juicing up their rides as early as next week at two newly installed charging stations downtown.

The charging units are located in the public parking garage on Hargadine Street and at the public parking lot on the corner of Pioneer Street and Lithia Way, but are not in service.

The level-two chargers, which take about two to four hours to charge a drained car, could be ready to go as early as next Friday, said Adam Hanks, a project manager for the City of Ashland.

ECOtality, the San Francisco-based electric transportation research and development firm partnered with the city, will need to install research software on the chargers before they go live, he said. Also, the city will need to install a transformer in the Lithia lot to support the pedestal-style unit there.

“We’ll have some stuff soon, but they still don’t have any juice to them, which is pretty key,” Hanks said, who has an inspector scheduled today to look at the unit installed by Medford-based Pacific Electric Contractors in the lot off Lithia Way, Wednesday.

Karen McClintock, of Ashland, owns a 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid and was thrilled to hear the charging stations downtown are nearly complete.


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