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USA: California’s electric car rebate program gets $27 million boost in funding

The Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, the source of the $2500 of additional incentives for electric car purchases, which was running low on funding, received new funding from the Air Resources Board.

California and its concern for air pollution has been at the forefront of pushing for clean vehicle technology. One of that states programs, the Air Quality Improvement Program, provides funds under the California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project for the $2500 rebate California offers for electric car purchases on top of the $7500 federal tax credit. The funds in that program, which had shrunk to $3,368,013, just received a massive infusion of over $27 million in new funding from the Air Resources Board and $5 million from the California Energy Commission.

The program began in March 2010 with an initial pool of $4.1 million, and is administered by the California Center for Sustainable Energy. The Clean Vehicle Rebate Project works to “promote the production and use of zero-emission vehicles” including all electric, plug-in hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles. A long list of vehicles are listed by the CVRP as qualifying for the rebates. The value of the rebate is up to $2500, but varies to as little as $900 depending on the vehicle type and characteristics.


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