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USA: Army Scientists Build a Better Battery

Single-cell batteries have an inherent design limitation that prevents them from producing more than 4 volts—they simply can’t do it, there isn’t enough energy density to produce that extra bit of output. That is, until now.

“This is what you would call a quantum leap,” Army researcher Arthur Cresce said in a press release. “We’ve gone from circling around a certain type of four volt energy for quite a while. All of a sudden a whole new class of batteries and voltages are open to us. The door is open that was closed before.” This breakthrough comes after years of research by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory into how the various battery components interact with one another.

The research team found that the inclusion of a specific, proprietary (and now patented) additive bumps the battery output from four volts to five—that’s a 30-percent increase and a huge deal. As Cynthia Lundgren, chief of the electrochemical branch at the USARL explained:


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