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UK: Nissan Leaf electric taxis to roam London

Proofessional taxi drivers in London will be ditching their black cabs in favour of Nissan Leafs this weekend, as part of a promotion for the electric car.

A fleet of zero emissions Leafs (or is that Leaves?) will be roaming London on the 23rd and 24th of June, offering free taxi rides to anyone that sends a Tweet incorporating the hashtag ‘#6XCHEAPER’ and their destination.

The hashtag is meant to emphasis the point that recharging an electric vehicle is, according to Nissan, 6 times cheaper than fuelling a similar sized petrol car. The company says that, using off-peak electricity, it costs 1.75 pence to travel one mile in a Leaf but more than 10 pence per mile in a conventional car.

The company states, as an example, that a trip from London to Heathrow Airport would cost a Leaf driver just 28 pence in electricity, while the driver of a petrol-powered vehicle would have to pay £1.68. A 60-mile trip to Oxford would cost the Leaf less than £1, while a petrol motorist would have to shell out £6.

Just don’t ask about the amount of time and hassle involved in recharging the car so you can do the return trip — especially in a city that isn’t as EV-friendly as Oxford.


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