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UK: Londoners Got Turned On To Nissan’s Leaf

Scores of delighted passengers – both Londoners and visitors to the capital – were treated to free “taxi” rides in the zero-emission Nissan LEAF over the weekend (June23-24). How did the trial go?

Trip requests came in for destinations all over London, from Covent Garden to Croydon, with professional taxi drivers from Battersea-based Climate Cars driving the 100-percent electric fleet.

The rides were free to underline that mile-for-mile an electric car is six times cheaper to fuel than a conventional petrol-powered car.

The only charging involved over the weekend was for the cars themselves … Taxi fare was free of charge. The activity is also being used to gather consumer feedback on a potential taxi of the future, with Nissan already confirmed as the exclusive supplier of the next New York yellow cab.

To grab a free ride, passengers were required to send a Tweet that included the hashtag #6XCHEAPER.

Kirsten Rutherford (@KirstenKupcake), a creative writer in the advertising industry, enjoyed her journey to Vauxhall, tweeting: “husband is LOVING it, Quick, quiet and of course #6xcheaper!!! Perfect for London.”

Nik Poon (@nQuo) a digital strategist, tweeted after his ride to Oxford Circus: “First time in a Nissan LEAF. Conclusion? Electric is the way to go. Just a matter of time.”

Successful tweeters picked up their ride at a special ‘taxi rank’ at the Truman Brewery, near Liverpool St Station, and drove off, silently. The most popular destination was Covent Garden and the LEAF taxis even travelled outside of a London postcode, south of the river to Croydon, 15 miles from Shoreditch.

A trip from central London to Heathrow Airport, for example, would cost the Nissan LEAF driver a mere 28p in electricity whereas the driver of a petrol-powered car would be forking out £1.68 in fuel. A trip to Oxford – at approximately 60 miles, well within the car’s range – would cost the Nissan LEAF driver less than £1 in fuel, but would cost the driver of a conventional car almost £6.


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