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Tesla’s ShareHolder meeting video

Re: [nteaa] Tesla’s ShareHolder meeting video

Most interesting to me was at the end during Q&A

1.) They did not say, but I got the impression that the the “fast charge” is likely going to be a battery swap (my opinion). Even with the Tesla’s 100KW charge port capability.
2.) Although charge port is not J1772, the car comes with an adapter (they really hate J1772)
3.) Lease options will be offered next year
4.) Break even point this year is 8,000 units with 10,000 on order
5.) Volume contract with Benz for the drive train (could Tesla’s future really be more in supplying drive trains that cars?)
6.) Small volume (realistic?) projections, 10,000 cars this year, 20,000 next…etc. They are not projecting 100,000 cars per year and know they will be a small player in the luxury car market.
7.) Statement that “for sure” battery price drop of 10% per year for the forseeable future.

Still a big gamble. Hope they make it.
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