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Smart Electric Car Set to Roll

Those little Smart cars just got a whole lot smarter. Daimler began taking orders for the first electric version, called the Smart fortwo electric drive, on June 12. Sales in the United States will come later.

The electric Smart is being built at a French plant. (Photo By: Daimler)
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The car is equipped with a 55-kilowatt electric motor and a 17.6 kilowatt-hour battery. Daimler said that on a full charge, the fortwo is good for at least 77 miles of city driving.

This summer, Germany will be the first country to receive deliveries of the electric Smart. Prices there begin at $29,570.

“After the market launch in the late summer 2012 in Germany, the Smart electric drive will be successively launched in more than 30 markets, including the United States,” Evelyn Schwedes, a Daimler spokeswoman, told

The electric Smart is being built at a plant in France. The plant, like the electric cars, is environmentally friendly.


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