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Renault ZOE electric vehicle sets new world record at Normandy covering 1000 miles (1618 km) in 24 hours

ZOE set a new world record by traversing the most distance in 24 hours in an electric car. ZOE will soon be available in company showrooms by the end of this year. The Renault electric ZOE was put to the test ahead of launch to showcase the quick charging electric vehicle’s capacity and has won hands down with covering a distance of 994.19 miles in 24 hours. Renault took the ZOE to a closed circuit equipped with a quick charger. The vehicle was recharged 9 times with a prior full charge at start time which meant that the Renault ZOE averaged 99.4 miles per charge.
This record breaking event brought into perspective that electric vehicles when used with quick chargers are not restricted to a limited range. It also showcased that quick charging can increase the practicality of electric vehicles. The Renault ZOE broke the previous record of 1280 km in 24 hours by 25% showing that the ZOE is the best in its class where performance and reliability are concerned.


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