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New Zealand: Kiwis plug into wireless electric car charging

Electric cars were on display to the public in Wellington to showcase the future of the electric car industry. Laura Westbrook reports.

A University of Auckland spin-off company is helping to make wireless charging of electric cars a reality.

Will Charles, Auckland Uniservices general manager technology development, talked about inductive power technology (IPT) at Te Papa today.

He said IPT pads could be placed underneath garages to wirelessly charge electric vehicles. He added that pads embedded in roads could charge electric vehicles as they drove, and extend their range.

Charles was a founding director of HaloIPT, recently purchased by telecommunications manufacturer Qualcomm, which developed wireless charging for electric vehicles.

His talk was part of Electric Vehicle Day, organised by the Wellington City Council ahead of the Apec Electric Vehicle Connectivity Workshop, also at Te Papa.

Another speaker was Professor CC Chan, regarded as the ”grandfather of the electric car” who said New Zealand should unite with other small island nations like Hong Kong to create a standardised electric vehicle (EV) market to rival dominant markets in the US and Asia.

The former University of Hong Kong Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering said New Zealand was the ”ideal place to promote the electric vehicle”

”We have to unite with similar places like Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau and Cyprus – if we combine together we make a bigger market.”


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